Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.

Mohandas K. Gandhi

Three Tips For Managing Stress

1. Try not to work with impatience.

Example: projects you don’t have much time for…things you reluctantly have to do …tasks you don’t enjoy doing at all.

If you do them impatiently—with lack of focus, careless haste, shortness of breath—it only makes them more unpleasant, more stressful, and seem longer. Do one of two things: put off the project until you’re mentally prepared to take it on; or, relax and resign yourself to giving it the attention it deserves.

Once committed to doing it right, you might even start to enjoy the work

2. Find a diverting pastime.

Don’t have a hobby of your own? An oasis of joyful distraction? A getaway pursuit that totally absorbs you and counterbalances your hectic existence? Then it’s high time you got one.

Think of something you’d really enjoy doing. (Within the confines of respectability, of course.) Demand of yourself the free time to pursue it.

Once exposed to the pleasures of revitalizing leisure, you won’t want to shortchange yourself again. Everyone deserves to have fun once in a while, including you !

 3. Empathize.

Develop the habit of putting yourself in another person’s situation. No, don’t just picture it, feel it. Use a parallel situation in your own life, like actors do, to conjure up the poignancy of emotion another person might be experiencing.

 When you do this, you’ll see more clearly why people act the way they do. And even if you don’t agree with those actions, you’ll understand them a lot better. You’ll ease some of the tension and indignation you may be feeling, and be more willing to lend help rather than just disapprove.

Attitudes and relationships can improve dramatically when you attempt to see things from another’s point of view.

Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower. — Shigenori Kameoka
Inspiration of the Day:
“This story I’m about to share with you has been growing in the heart of many people on Cape Ann, where I live. It is the story of Jude, a young deaf man with green thumbs and a big heart who recently opened a plant store in our community called The Silent Seed. I first heard about him from my friend Nana who had noticed the new store during one of her walks and was so inspired by the owner that she felt called to draw the whole neighborhood’s attention to his work. A few days later, my friend Loretta who lives in a totally different part of town sent me (and several others) a link to a beautiful story she had just read in the local paper. It was titled “Growing Seeds in Silence; Deaf man opens Magnolia store dedicated to unusual plants.”” So begins this beautiful real-life tale of an unusual store owner whose story touched an entire community. [ more ]
Be The Change:
Spend some time in silence with nature today.


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