Drug Abuse factsheets

  1. Below you will find a list of useful information based fact sheets based on the subject of Medical Problems.
  2. The fact sheets are produced by various agencies and charitable organisations with a vast array of authors.
  3. Unless stated asa being sourced by 2nd chance or Andys tls. visitors are instructed to visit these sites at their own risk.
  4. Because these web sites contents have not been verified. We cannot guarantee the Authentity or the acuracy of the content contained.
  5. You will need to have adobe acrobat installed on your computer in order to view the files. If you need to install adobe acrobat then Please gop to the following web site.



  1. Family tool kit[pdf]
  2. Methadone[pdf]
  3. Drug use & abuse[pdf]
  4. Adolesent Drug abuse[pdf]
  5. Treatment approaches to Drug addiction[pdf]
  6. Drug addiction is a brain illness[pdf]
  7. What is addiction[pdf]
  8. Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol and Other Drugs[pdf]
  9. Concurrent Disorders: Mental Disorders and Substance Use Problems[pdf]
  10. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder[pdf]
  11. Tobacco[pdf]
  12. Youth and Substance Use[pdf]
  13. Alcohol[pdf]
  14. Caffeine[pdf]
  15. Cannabis[pdf]
  16. Methamphetamine[pdf]
  17. Meth 101: A Crash Course on Methamphetamines[pdf]
  18. If You Think Your Teen is on Methamphetamine[pdf]
  19. Methamphetamine: Tips on Cutting Back or Quitting[pdf]
  20. Using Substances[pdf]

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