factsheets courtesy of The Stroke Association produces a range of information factsheets and resource sheets that provide more detailed information about specific aspects of stroke.

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  1. Below you will find a list of useful information based fact sheets based on the subject of STROKE.
  2. The fact sheets are produced by various agencies and charitable organisations with a vast array of authors.
  3. Unless stated asa being sourced by 2nd chance or Andys tls. visitors are instructed to visit these sites at their own risk.
  4. Because these web sites contents have not been verified. We cannot guarantee the Authentity or the acuracy of the content contained.
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Accommodation after stroke
Factsheet 20 Accommodation after stroke (80 kb) [pdf]
Aids and equipment for independent living
Resource sheet 3 Aids and equipment (74 kb) [pdf]
Alcohol and stroke
Factsheet 13 Alcohol and stroke (70 kb) [pdf]
Aspirin and stroke
Factsheet 11 Aspirin and stroke (65 kb) [pdf]
Balance problems after stroke
Factsheet 22 Balance problems after stroke (65 kb) [pdf]

Resource sheet 1 Benefits (77 kb) [pdf]

Book list
Resource sheet 2 Book list (96 kb) [pdf]

Carotid artery disease
Factsheet 40 Carotid artery disease (77 kb) [pdf]

Cognitive problems after stroke
Factsheet 7 Cognitive problems after stroke (88 kb) [pdf]

Communication problems after stroke
Factsheet 3 Communication problems after stroke (85 kb) [pdf]

Complementary therapy
Resource sheet 4 Complementary therapy (77 kb) [pdf]

Dementia after stroke 
Factsheet 29 Dementia after stroke (93 kb) [pdf]

Diabetes and stroke 
Factsheet 15 Diabetes and stroke (69 kb) [pdf]

Diet and stroke
Factsheet 8 Diet and stroke (93 kb) [pdf]

Driving after stroke
Factsheet 2 Driving after stroke (82 kb) [pdf]

Electronic communication aids and software
Resource sheet 5 Electronic communication aids and software (75 kb) [pdf]

Epilepsy after stroke
Factsheet 24 Epilepsy after stroke (70 kb) [pdf]

Financial assistance
Resource sheet 6 Financial assistance (71 kb) [pdf]

Gentle exercise
Resource sheet 7 Gentle exercise (77 kb) [pdf] 

Hemiplegia and stroke
Factsheet 26 Hemiplegia and stroke (59 kb) [pdf]

High blood pressure and stroke
Factsheet 6 High blood pressure and stroke (86 kb) [pdf]

Holiday information
Factsheet 27 Holiday information (93 kb) [pdf] 

Information for students
Resource sheet 8 Information for students (79 kb) [pdf] 

Leisure activities after stroke
Resource sheet 9 Leisure activities (95 kb) [pdf]

Migraine and stroke
Factsheet 28 Migraine and stroke (77 kb) [pdf]

Occupational therapy after stroke
Factsheet 17 Occupational therapy after stroke (67 kb) [pdf]

Pain after stroke
Factsheet 30 Pain after stroke (88 kb) [pdf]

Physical effects of stroke
Factsheet 33 Physical effects of stroke (86 kb) [pdf]

Physiotherapy after stroke
Factsheet 16 Physiotherapy after stroke (66 kb) [pdf]

Private treatment 
Resource sheet 10 Private treatment (60 kb) [pdf] 

Psychological effects of stroke
Factsheet 10 Psychological effects of stroke (95 kb) [pdf]

Sex after stroke
Factsheet 31 Sex after stroke (72 kb) [pdf]

Smoking and stroke
Factsheet 19 Smoking and stroke (78 kb) [pdf] 

Speech and language therapy after stroke
Factsheet 14 Speech and language therapy after stroke (68 kb) [pdf]

Stroke: A carer’s guide
Factsheet 4 Stroke: A carer’s guide (85 kb) [pdf]

Stroke and children
Factsheet 34 Stroke and children (78 kb) [pdf]

Stroke and continence
Factsheet 12 Stroke and continence (73 kb) [pdf]

Stroke and South Asian people
Factsheet 32 Stroke and South Asian people (92 kb) [pdf] 

Stroke and wheelchairs
Factsheet 35 Stroke and wheelchairs (69 kb) [pdf]

Stroke explanation for children
Factsheet 36 Stroke explanation for children (65 kb) [pdf]

Stroke in African-Caribbean people
Factsheet 21 Stroke in African-Caribbean people (111 kb) [pdf]

Stroke in younger adults
Factsheet 9 Stroke in younger adults (90 kb) [pdf]

Stroke statistics
Resource sheet 11 Stroke statistics (97 kb) [pdf] 

Subarachnoid haemorrhage
Factsheet 25 Subarachnoid haemorrhage (66 kb) [pdf]

Swallowing problems after stroke
Factsheet 5 Swallowing problems after stroke (67 kb) [pdf]

Taste changes after stroke
Factsheet 39 Taste changes after stroke (64 kb) [pdf]

Telephone-linked alarm systems
Resource sheet 12 Telephone-linked alarm systems (70 kb) [pdf] 

Tiredness after stroke
Factsheet 18 Tiredness after stroke (81 kb) [pdf]

Transient ischaemic attack (TIA)
Factsheet 1 Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) (72 kb) [pdf] 

Visual problems after stroke
Factsheet 37 Visual problems after stroke (72 kb) [pdf]

Women and stroke 
Factsheet 38 Women and stroke (79 kb) [pdf]






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